Beautiful Contrast: Volume 2

Beginning June 26, we'll begin the second installment of our "Beautiful Contrast" series. We've already taken a 6 week look through Jesus' words in Matthew chapter 5. But there is so much more in the 3 chapter section of Jesus' teaching known as "The Sermon on the … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Contrast: The Sermon on the Mount

  Why would someone want to be a Christian? There are so many options when it comes to world-view, so why is it that Christians believe that theirs is "the best" or somehow the most desirable to God? That's a pretty profound question and there might be … [Read more...]

God For the Rest of Us – Starts Easter Sunday

God For the Rest of Us Join us at Venture Church on Easter Sunday and for the 5 weeks following as we start "God for the Rest of Us!" As Church for people who don't like Church, our goal is to tear down the walls that have kept people away from Church and God so that … [Read more...]

Acts: The New Church

The following is a extra thought and study for our current teaching series: Acts - When God Sparks a Movement. We’ve been studying through the book of Acts on Sundays but we won’t be taking the time to go through every single verse in the book of Acts during our 8 … [Read more...]

What Happens When We Pray? Father…King

This past Sunday we continued our series on Prayer, "What Happens When We Pray."  It was all about the WHO of prayer. Sometimes prayer can be a struggle because, as the prayER we might feel inadequate or otherwise unable to make prayer "happen" or "work" like we think … [Read more...]

What Happens When We Pray?

To kick off 2016 we'll be diving into one of the most power topics imaginable. Prayer. As a child the most powerful resource you had access to might have been the protection of a parent or your imagination or perhaps a favorite toy that brought you joy. As an adult it … [Read more...]

Give Church a Try This Christmas

Thank you so much for checking out Venture Church at Christmas. If you have been meaning to get back into church or even give church a try for the first time; Christmas is the perfect time to do it! This page is an invitation from us to YOU to join us on Christmas Eve … [Read more...]

Vital Signs: jumpstarting a Godly heart

Beep. Beep. Beep.... How do you know if you're "ALIVE?" Well.. medically speaking, a person can check a few key vital signs to see how their basic health is. Things like pulse and respiration. These are vital signs of biological life. And anytime one of them is … [Read more...]

Why are there so many English Bibles? How do I pick one?

If you want to learn more about God, Jesus, and Christianity, most people might quickly assume that the first place to look would be "the Bible." If that's your thought, it would be a good one. However, when people first get into learning there can be a lot of … [Read more...]


Life sometimes feels like battle. It might be the battle of getting your kids ready for school or the battle of paying the bills... even the battle of the traffic jam on the way to work. That tension normally passes with time and works itself out. But there is battle … [Read more...]