How God’s Word Gives Direction

This past Sunday, in our "Lamp Lighter" series, we saw that the light of God gives us navigation. And one of the big points was that "God's Word Gives Direction." You may have questions about the reliability of the Bible. You may also be unsure about where to begin as … [Read more...]

The Nabonidus Chronicle: Archeology proving the story of Daniel

This week in our series through the book of Daniel, we discussed a famous archeological discovery called the "Nabonidus Chronicle." In the message, we discussed that discovery of this tablet was a huge proof of the reliability of the Bible. In Daniel 5 there’s a … [Read more...]

Game Plan: The Book of Philippians

We plan ahead for beach days, dates, and grocery shopping. And failure to plan often ends up being a life lesson. If you have ever found yourself stranded on the side of the road because you forgot to fill up with gas then you know exactly what that's about. It seems … [Read more...]

State of Venture 2016

Celebrating what God's done – Looking ahead to what he's got in store! God has been good to our church family since we began in 2013. Each year we take a day to highlighting some of what God has done in the past year as and casting some vision for what's ahead! This … [Read more...]

At The Movies: Heroes Edition

There is something about Super Hero stories that just gets our attention. Maybe it's the dream of being more than "just normal." or maybe it's because most people genuinely wish they could make the world a better place. Maybe it's our unquenchable desire for really … [Read more...]

Beautiful Contrast: Volume 2

Beginning June 26, we'll begin the second installment of our "Beautiful Contrast" series. We've already taken a 6 week look through Jesus' words in Matthew chapter 5. But there is so much more in the 3 chapter section of Jesus' teaching known as "The Sermon on the … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Contrast: The Sermon on the Mount

  Why would someone want to be a Christian? There are so many options when it comes to world-view, so why is it that Christians believe that theirs is "the best" or somehow the most desirable to God? That's a pretty profound question and there might be … [Read more...]

God For the Rest of Us – Starts Easter Sunday

God For the Rest of Us Join us at Venture Church on Easter Sunday and for the 5 weeks following as we start "God for the Rest of Us!" As Church for people who don't like Church, our goal is to tear down the walls that have kept people away from Church and God so that … [Read more...]

Acts: The New Church

The following is a extra thought and study for our current teaching series: Acts - When God Sparks a Movement. We’ve been studying through the book of Acts on Sundays but we won’t be taking the time to go through every single verse in the book of Acts during our 8 … [Read more...]

What Happens When We Pray? Father…King

This past Sunday we continued our series on Prayer, "What Happens When We Pray."  It was all about the WHO of prayer. Sometimes prayer can be a struggle because, as the prayER we might feel inadequate or otherwise unable to make prayer "happen" or "work" like we think … [Read more...]